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Roosebeck 8-Course Travel Lute, Rosewood Roosebeck 8-Course Travel Lute, Rosewood

This Roosebeck 8 course travel lute has a body made of eleven solid sheesham staves, a sheesham neck and sheesham fingerboard. The peg box is solid sheesham attached at an angle of 135 degrees to reduce the depth of the instrument. The tuning pegs and end pin are sheesham. The soundboard is made out of European spruce. There are eight nylon frets and four sheesham frets. Padded gig bag, extra string set included. Free Shipping.

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Roosebeck Minstrel Harp, 29 Strings, Chelby Levers, Knotwork Roosebeck Minstrel Harp, 29 Strings, Chelby Levers, Knotwork

This Roosebeck Minstrel Harp features an attractive Celtic Knotwork design hand carved in the side panels. The Roosebeck Minstrel Harp, a table harp is a popular choice of the serious harp student, and intermediate players. With 29 DuPont hard nylon strings, it produces a range from C below Middle C to C above High C (C3-C7). With an extra octave of lower strings, and a larger sound box, it produces a deeper, fuller sound. It is approximately 38" high, and weighs 15 pounds. This Minstrel Harp comes with 29 upgraded Chelby levers for improved functionality. Compared to the standard Roosebeck harp levers, the Chelby levers are mechanically superior. The design allows the lever to engage the string from the side and limit the possibility of strings lifting off the bridge pin. The red and blue colored caps allow you to quickly locate the C- and F-string levers. The bridge pins for the Chelby levers have also been improved; they can be adjusted, in or out, by simple turning with a hex wrench. This Minstrel harp features a hand carved Celtic design, Walnut frame with a Birch soundboard for exceptional sound and strength. Includes an Extra String Set & Tuning Wrench. Sale Priced with Free Shipping.

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Roosebeck Lute Harp Roosebeck Lute Harp

This Roosebeck Lute Harp is approximately features 22 nylon strings. It measures 27.5" tall, and 15" wide. It has a solid sheesham frame with a birch plywood soundboard. There are four soundholes on the back. Strings run from tuning pegs on the curved neck to an angled bridge on soundboard. The recommended tuning for this lute harp is diatonically (like the natural notes or white keys on a piano), from the longest to the shortest note. Longest note is tuned to C4 Shortest note is tuned to C7. Nylon case, Tuning tool, and Extra String Set Included. Free Shipping.

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8 Course Lute Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute, Canadian Spruce

This Deluxe 8 Course Lute features 25 fluted sheesham staves that have white pinstripes in between. The neck, bridge, end peg and tuning pegs/levers are also made out of sheesham. The Nut is made of bone. It has 4 nylon wound strings and 11 rectified nylon strings. The sound board is made out of Canadian spruce wood and its one sound hole has an intricate laser cut design. There is also a beautiful laser cut design on the back of peg box. Included are a padded nylon case, extra string set. Free Shipping.

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EMS Regency Wooden Music Stand, Single EMS Regency Wooden Music Stand, Single

This EMS solid wood, sheesham music stand from Roosebeck has adjustable height and tilt. It is designed by The Early Music Shop of Bradford England. The approximate full height is 63 inches, closed height is 53 inches. The music rack is 18 inches wide by 12 inches tall. Each music rack adjusts independently to a number of notched positions. 35" minimum - 53" max from floor to shelf 46" - 63" from floor to top of stand Book shelf is 18" w x 12" tall. Sale Price with Free Shipping.

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Roosebeck Balalaika Prima, Walnut, Nylon Gig Bag Roosebeck Balalaika Prima, Walnut, Nylon Gig Bag

This Roosebeck Balalaika Prima has the traditional 3 strings and measures approximately 27 inches in length. The scale length is 430 mm. The body has the classical triangular shape. The back is slightly bowed and made with alternating staves with two tones of sheesham and lacewood. The darker back contrasts with the light colored wood of the soundboard. Includes a nylon gig bag. The Balalaika strings are tuned above middle C to: A, E, E (1st-3rd). The 1st string is the thinnest, and lays over more frets than the 2nd and 3rd strings. Use a piano or electronic tuner as a reference for tuning. The tension on each tuning peg can be adjusted by tightening or loosing the screw on the top of the peg. To play, the left hand notes the strings while the index finger of the right hand strums high on the soundboard near the neck. The dark sheesham on the soundboard is decorative but also protects the soundboard from the strumming. Extra String Set & Padded Nylon Gig Bag Included. Free Shipping.

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