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The Bouzouki dates back to Byzantine times, and in Greece, was known as a pandura. It later became known as a tambouras, and around the 19th century evolved into the modern day bouzouki. In the 1960's, the Irish Bouzouki became popular in traditional Celtic music. The Irish Bouzouki looks a little more like a mandolin, and it is tuned differently than this traditional Greek counterpart. Handcrafted from quality woods, Roosebeck Bouzoukis offer authentic design and quality sound at a great price. Roosebeck Greek and Irish Bouzouki feature a body constructed of quality woods like Sheesham & Lacewood, with Spruce Soundboards. Included are a padded nylon case, and extra string set. Free Shipping.
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greek bouzouki Roosebeck Bouzouki Sheesham Stave Body, Padded Gig Bag

The Roosebeck four course, eight string, Greek Bouzouki is a beautiful instrument with a rich history. The fingering is the same as the higher four strings on a guitar, and the same as the fingering on a ukulele. The tuning, however, is different, the recommended being Cc Ff aa dd. The Roosebeck Bouzouki has a European spruce soundboard, sheesham fingerboard, and mahogany neck. The soundboard, fingerboard, and headstock have beautifully designed custom inlays. The bowl shaped back is handcrafted of sheesham, staves. Nylon Padded Gig Bag, Extra String Set Included. Free Shipping.

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Irish Bouzouki Roosebeck Irish Bouzouki with Gig Bag

New from Roosebeck! 4 course Irish Bouzouki, DADG tuning. Authentic design, handcrafted from quality woods like Sheesham, Lacewood, and a Spruce soundboard. A quality instrument at a great price! Padded Gig Bag, Extra String Set Included. Free Shipping.

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